. Understanding Church & Ministry

  • A church is a network of people, who each have a relationship with Jesus, and who are bound together by relationships with each other. They will be joined together by love. For this to take place we need a radical change in our understanding of the church.

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*​​​ Commando Army                   A Vision for the Season

* The Ambush                      Strategy for Commando Armies

* Economic Crisis                 Preparing for Economic Crisis

* Social Collapse                 Coping with Social Collapse

* The Church                      What is a Church?

* Radical Leadership              A radical leadership model 

* Elders                          The ministry of the elder

* Ascension Gifts                 How do they fit in?

* The Apostle                     The ministry of the apostle

* Pastor/Teacher                  The ministry of the pastor

* The Prophet                     The ministry of the prophet

* The Evangelist                  The ministry of the evangelist

* Balanced Leadership             Through love and submission

* Pastor/Leaders                  Not in the Scriptures

* The Deacon                      The ministry of the deacon

* Caring for the Poor             Dealing with poverty 

* Radical Lifestyle Church        Relationships and Community

* House Church Strategy           Reaching the World

* Church Meetings                 Mostly a Waste of Time

* Healing Ministry                Keys to the Healing

* Why Did God Allow It?           Does God cause sickness

* Rock of Offence                 Offence kills Faith

* The Apostolic Way               NT method for planting churches

* Starting a House Church         12 Steps for getting started

* Path of an Apostle              Apostolic church growth

* Local Finances                  Financial Support for Apostles

* Governmental Apostles           They are a distortion

CentralizedFinances             Is very dangerous

* Church and Kingdom              Church must serve the Kingdom

* Revival and Persecution         challenge to the western Church

* Real CommunityBuilding Community

* Twos and ThreesBulk Action Revival not the way

* One Another StuffLoving one another is important

* Power Pairs                     key relationships in the church

* What is a Person?What makes a person tick?

* Spiritual RealmsUnderstanding them

* Perceiving the SpiritualSeeing the spiritual realms

* Spiritual ProtectionProvides Spiritual Protection

* Personal ProtectionSafety in Spiritual Warfare

* Prayer and AuthorityKeys to effective prayer

* WorshipKeeping worship balanced

* BaptismUnderstanding Baptism

* Christians and MoneyHow does God bless us?

* Twelve Big OnesTwelve Obstacles to Revival

* Women and MinistryWomen in Church Leadership

* SufferingSuffering in 1 Peter

* RejectionYouth in an Age of Rejection

* Church GovernanceDoes governance exist?


A church is a group of people in fellowship with each other. It is a network of relationships.


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A Church consists of the relationships between its members (and relationships with God). Christianity is fellowship with God and with other Christians. Therefore, a church must be a group in which members get to know each other well. The Christians of the New Testament developed very strong relationships with each other. A Church was a community in which people shared their lives in an intimate way (Acts 2:44,46). Their strong commitment to each other contributed to their spiritual strength and energy.