. Understanding Christian Economic Principles

  • The coming of the Roman Empire destroyed the community-based economy that God had provided for the children of Israel.


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*​​​ Economic Guidelines        God's Instructions for Economic Life

* Jesus and Economic Life    Jesus confirmed God's Instructions

* Capital                    Capital is important for Society

* Money System               A Christian Perspective on Money

* Beeble                     A Parable about the Nature of Money

* Trade                      How a Money System works

* Bank Deposits and Loans    Biblical Principles of Banking

* Interest                   A Christian understanding of Interest

* Savings and Investments    Dislocation of the Economy

* Mistrust and Banks         Blind Trust increases Risk

* Credit Creation            Problems with Bank Credit Creation

* Sound Banking System       Two types of Bank are Essential

* Community Banks            An Alternative Banking System

* Short-term Capital         Risk-averse capital is a problem

* Limited Liability          Limited Liability laws are Wrong

* Inflation                  Economic fallacies about Inflation

* Insurance and Risk         Insurance and Banking Defaults

* Normative Economics        Better than Positive Economics

* Markets and Morality       How markets function in a good way

* Markets and Evil           Free Markets are not an Evil System

* Markets and Efficiency     Efficiency is a human concept

* Markets Add Value          Theologians do not understand value

* Markets and Equality       God has a plan for equality

* Employers and Wages        Employees are neighbours

* Better Economic System     God has given one

* Parable of the Minas       An alternative interpretation

* Secular Capitalism         Solves a problem but creates another

* Economic Motivation        Love beats self interest

* Tomato Justice             Assisting Poor Tomato Pickers

* Free Riders                Christians love Free Riders

* Market Failure            Market failure is really People Failure

* Fallacy of Composition     Right Theory in the Wrong Time

* Falling Prices             The Blessing of Deflation

* Cost Benefit Analysis      Useful but Limited

* Economic Scarcity          Useful Concept, but Misleading too

* Social Security            Who is responsible for Social Security

* Universal Health Care      We already have it

* Efficient Taxation         Tax is a moral issue

* Education of Boys          Growing Mature Young Men

* Calling and Employment     Supporting your Calling

​​Insights into the Current Economic Situation

* Economic Troubles          The Events of 2008

* Financial Fuss             Confused Economic Thinking

* Credit Crunch              Characters of the Credit Crunch

* Unknown Oil                Factors affecting the Price of Oil

* Economic Crisis            Preparing for Economic Crisis

* Social Collapse            Preparing for Tumultuous Times


These articles are an attempt to apply biblical principles to political and economic issues. They are based on the presupposition that the Bible is true and and is God's guidance for the whole of life. If you do not accept this basic premise, you will not agree with much that is written on these pages.

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. God's Instructions For Economic Life
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​Jesus teaching challenged the people to live according God's instructions for economic life. These were rooted in love of God and love of neighbour (Lev 19:18). Jesus introduced the concept of "unrighteous wealth. "So if you have not been trustworthy in handling unrighteous wealth, who will trust you with true riches" (Luke 16:11)? People hanging onto unrighteous wealth will not be trusted with spiritual blessing.