. Understanding The Times & Seasons

  • God is sovereign and he has a plan. He is not working by trial and error. He knows the beginning from the end. Each interaction builds on the previous one and moves history towards the ultimate goal.

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*​​​ Times and Seasons               God's plan for History

* The Rugby Game                  God's plan for the Kingdom

* Gods Big Strategy               Strategy to Prepare for Jesus

* Empire to Kingdom              Transition to the Kingdom of God

* What is Going On?               We are in the Times of Distress

* Invasion of Iraq                Daniel and the United States

* Theses for the Kingdom          Key Principles for Eschatology

* The Terrible Beast              The Democratic Beast

* American Beast                  The Beast of Revelation

* Mark of the Beast               The Mark of the Beast

* Wounded Beast                   Democracy is very Dangerous

* Lion and Eagle                  Struggle between US and Iran

* 4GW Leopard                    4th Generation Warfare - Leopard

* Silent before Beast             Cheerleaders for the Beast

* Time of Transition              Not the Second Coming

* Fall of the Beast               The Collapse of Political Power

* The Book of Revelation          What is it about?

* The Seven Seals                 When the Seals are Opened

* False Ideas                    False teachings about God’s plan

* The Nation of Israel            Israel’s place in God's plan

* The Kingdom of God              Goal of God's Plan for History

* Defending Kingdom               Vision of the Kingdom

* Desperate Times                 A warning vision

* Suffering to Kingdom            Suffering brings the Kingdom

* Discerning Seasons              Why traumatic events happen

* Prophetic Events                Four types of disaster

* Role of Judgments             Covenant and protective judgments

* The Problem of Evil          Why is their evil in a good world?

* Earthquakes and Hurricanes      Restoring societies

* Warning Events                  Signs of the Times for NZ

* Shaking                         A Word For NewZealand

* A Tale of Two Davids           What is Going on in New Zealand?

* After Life                      What Happens after Death

* God and Evil                    The cause of disasters?

* Why Him?                        Kingdom of God

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The Bible teaches that God has determined times and seasons. Paul told the Christians in one of his Churches that he did not need to speak to them about times and seasons, as they already understood them (1 Thes 5:1). He also sets the times and boundaries for all nations (Acts 17:26). We need to understand the times in which we are living