. Understanding God's Law & Government

  • I hate and abhor falsehood, but I love your law. Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous laws. Great peace have they who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble. (Psalm 119:163-165)

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*​​​ Axe at the Roots            Obstacles to the Government of God

* Local Judges                The ideal form of government

* Voluntary Justice           Justice without force or violence

* God Raises Judges           God Raises Up Good Local Judges

* Voluntary Taxation          Compulsory Taxation is Immoral

* Good Law                    God's Law is All that we Need

* Misunderstood Law           God's Law gets a Bad Press

* Law and Grace              Enjoying the Law and avoiding Legalism

* What is Justice             Defining Biblical Justice

* Judicial Laws of Moses      Which Laws are Universal

* Two Laws?                   Judicial Laws That Apply Everywhere

* Crime and Punishment        Penalties for Crime

* Military Leaders           Voluntary Defence for a Time of Crisis

* Defence and War             A Christian view of War and Defence

* Tens and Hundreds           The Foundation of Society

* God and Violence            War in Deuteronomy and Joshua

* Patrotism                   Patrotism leads to Nationalism

* Submission to Whom?         Submitting to Political Powers

* Understanding Romans 13     A Radical Look at Paul's Teaching

* Leviticus                   For Israel only

* Ten Commandments           What is their role in the modern world

* Democracy is Dangerous      Democracy will lead to great evil

* The Political Space         Christians and Politics

* Human Government            A Biblical History

* The Resurrection            Impact of the Resurrection

* DANG                        Does Anyone Need Government?

* Ethics and Democracy        Democrcacy is Immoral

* Chattel Slavery             The Bible does not support it

* The Treaty of Waitangi      New Zealand is a Covenant Nation

* Ahab and the Foreshore      A Story about this Dispute in NZ

* Halal Slaughtering          New Zealand Meat Industry Compromise

* Genesis and Creation        Thoughts on God's Creative Activity

* Genetic Engineering         A Biblical Answer to a Tough Question

* Climate Change              Global Warming is in the Bible

* Christian Marriage          Lets take Marriage back for God

* Divorce                     Divorce and Remarriage

* Homosexuality               Another Tough Question for Christians

* Political Strategy          Christian Appoach to Social Issues

* Jesus Strategy              Jesus Way to Change the World

* Christian Political Parties   Role of Christian Political Parties

* Politicians and Pharisees    Seven Woes for Politicians

* Theocracy                    Better than Democracy

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. The Law Of God
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The system of law and judges was introduced by Moses and it worked effectively. It has never been set aside or replaced with anything better. With the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all people, the system should function even better as the judges are anointed with the gift of wisdom. Local judges applying his law is God's ideal government. God has provided perfect law. Our challenge is to apply it to the various situations that arise in modern society. The best people to do this task will be wise and godly judges. Good judges are all that we need in addition to the law.