.Our Supernatural Mandate

Supernatural Kingdom Ministries has been called by God to make known the third person of the God head –The HOLY SPIRIT in all the earth and the demonstration of His power to bring freedom to this generation and generations to come. His role and presence must be clearly grasped if the saints of God are to draw from the abundant life Christ brought to the earth.

The Church must understand that we cannot preach Christ being alive without demonstrating His presence and power that is operational among us through His Spirit. God’s people cannot be enjoying life eternal or abundant life while they continue to live in sickness, disease, poverty, demon possession and a like. Christ did not only save souls but also demonstrated His power through the many miracles, signs and wonders He performed among people. God by His divine nature is a Supernatural God and if He created us in His image and called us to be like Him, then we are extraordinary being too. This Ministry hates religion and through the power of the Holy Spirit we curse out the religious Spirit that has dominated the church of Christ and we declare and release the supernatural transformation freedom of the Spirit of Christ to take root over the body of Christ.

This is majorly the mandate of this ministry. God has called us through the divine person of the Holy Spirit to bring the heavenly kingdom, power and glory on earth. We are to rely, and demonstrate the supernatural power of God in order to enjoy the abundant life Christ came to bring. We are obligated to teach, train and equip the saints for the supernatural power of God. In all we do in this ministry we totally depend on the inspiration, guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit. We must understand that;-

1) We are a supernatural Church -from the day of Pentecostwhen the Church begun

2) The God given mission of evangelism, discipleship, teaching, training, affirming and sending out, flows from the supernatural.
Why does God want us to walk in the supernatural?

a) It is because God wants us to walk victoriously on this earth here and now. We were not designed by God to live on our intellectual effort or walk in our own human abilities. We were designed by God to walk in, by and through the power of God.

b) Whatever we do without the power of God becomes dead work. It becomes a work of the fresh and God judges that which is of the flesh. Even worship must be in the Spirit of God.

c) To prepare us to live in eternity, here and now. It is in God’s desire that we live heaven on earth now.

d) To lead us to have an experience and encounter with the power of God. Theology is important but it is not enough to have a theology or knowledge only.

e) Whenever we have an encounter in any area with the Supernatural power of God, we become chosen vessels to carry His power to bless, to heal, to deliver, to prophesy, to demonstrate it, to others.

f) God wants to prepare His people for what is coming on this earth. In the middle of challenges and crisis of any kind God’s people should never be moved but rather trust and depend on the power and glory of God to sustain them.

​This ministry will do the best to prepare this generation and generations to come how to depend on supernatural power of God and the Holy Spirit for sustenance. To trust in God, worship and serve Him no matter the circumstances and situations prevailing around you. In case of financial lack a Christian must be prepared to believe God for a supernatural providence. In case of a sickness or disease you are prepared to fight it supernaturally, decree, declare and prophesy that Jesus is alive.

​We are usually respected when we have a lot of knowledge. The bible tell us in the book of Acts 1: 1-3
“And Jesus begun to do and teach”; what is happening now is that “we teach but do not do”. We need to see the demonstration that Jesus is alive.


.Supernatural God

​God is a supernatural being that has dominion over the natural dimension and manifests in the natural dimension. There are two dimensions

​The Supernatural dimension &

​The natural Dimension

​Both dimensions were created by God and He is supreme or supernatural which means that the super dimension has dominion over the natural dimension. And the natural dimension is composed by three things;-

 Matter;

 Space; and

 Time

However, the supernatural dimension, is not physical but rather;-

 Invisible;

 Eternal;

 Immutable (never changes)

So the access for the supernatural dimension is called faith. Faith is not natural although many reduce it to natural.

W​hat is going on in the Church today? Is God continuing to perform miracles today? Is Christianity considered relevant if it operates without miracles? What makes Christianity more than any other religion or philosophy? Do we need the miracles mentioned in the Bible today? What makes a Christian credible? What proof can we offer to people that Jesus is alive? Can rituals, rules and regulations change people? Through whom does God perform miracles today? Can anyone be a recipient of a miracle?

​​So these are the questions the world is asking today. Unfortunately the majority of people come to church without expecting to do, see or hear something or anything supernatural.

​Christ said to us that we shall know the truth and the truth will set us free. As Christians we are powerful saints of God. The kingdom, the power and the glory of God lives inside of us. For example speaking in tongues is not the norm in church any more but it is a supernatural act. Miracles in church are not the norm any more but the exception to the rule. It is assumed that miracles only happen when an evangelist comes and prays for the sick. The reason all this is happening is because the church has been invaded with intellectualism.

​The natural dimension requires us to use our senses, mind, common sense and logic but when it comes to the supernatural dimension reason does not work. Reason, common sense or logic has never produced a miracle. Our ministry believes that we can be intellectuals and at the same time be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. When a demon is in front of you only the supernatural can curse it out. That is why we walk by faith and not by site. Those who walk by the Spirit are the sons of God.

​That’s why this generation is so hungry and thirsty for the power of God because technology, philosophy and science have not satisfied us for what we were designed for. Although we appreciate all these things but have not satisfied the hunger for the power of God because if we were designed by God to be or do something and we do not do it we become dysfunctional. We were designed to worship for example but if we do not do it we become empty. We were designed to move in the power but when we do not we feel dis-satisfied as though something is missing. That why in genesis 1:26, God said let us give them power, dominion and authority. Man was created by instinct to move in the supernatural power of God.

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​Our ministry does not conform to a religious system because our God is a supernatural God. People now see what goes on in their churches as normal and conform to it. When we begin to see the gifts of the spirit begin to manifest, demonstration of power, transformation worship, miracles, signs and wonders then God was in it. If nothing happens then God was not in it. When the presence of God appears something must happen and if we are carriers of God’s glory then we move with the power of God to change the spheres and atmospheres around us at all cost for the presence of God is there in us.

​​​​​​The devil eats people alive because they don’t walk in the supernatural power of God. The world is changing and has changed the biblical truth into their own thinking. The truth of the bible can only be explained only by using the language of the bible. The west has created a culture to reject anything they do not understand. That is the way of thinking of the world. The supernatural is not an isolated event, it’s a real world.

​​Everywhere you go expect something to happen because you are a carrier of God’s power. Where is the book of acts today? Where are the believers that are casting out demons? Where are the believers on fire for evangelism? Where are the believers that God is raising today? Where is the power? The book of acts has 28 chapters and in every chapter there is a miracle. Where is the book of acts today? We have adapted, accustomed to the normal or the familiar of the way of thinking of the world. Jesus called sin sin but now we call them issues. You live in sin year after year without the conviction from the Holy Spirit? Only the supernatural power of God can overcome sin – the supernatural blood of Christ, the Supernatural Holy Spirit fire, the supernatural testimony.

A supernaturalist is someone who administrates the affairs of the supernatural God. Administrator of the power of God; Administrator of the anointing of God; Administering the authority of God. We deal with things from another world. Many people sleep in church because there is nothing powerful. Have you ever laid hand or prayed for someone and they got healed? Or cast out any demon? Well that’s power from another world. Do not conform to poverty, sickness or depression command it to go for you have the power from on high to do so. Religion cannot change people; it’s the power of God. We are the finger of God. We are the vessels chosen by God to do great things and make history. We need to wake up!!!

A time has come when we do not need to look at our own abilities for solutions but rather to look to the source who is God. Taping into the supernatural for answers and looking to God‘s supernatural work in our lives. It is in God’s desire that we prosper and be in good health. We can only achieve this when we tap into the supernatural power of God.

Dear friends and partners that is what we have been called to do as a ministry. We recognize that we have work to do, so let us get to work.

May the inner grace of God be with us as we worship Him, serve Him and fulfil our mandate together as a ministry.

Be Blessed and Stay Blessed