.Realms of the Prophetic


​​The Prophetic is one of the ways God gives direction to His people (Joel 2:28-29; Acts 2:17-18; 1 Corinthians 12:7).

1) Prophecy of Scriptures ---2 peter 1:20-21

The​​ declaration of the Word of God as revealed to men. It is an infallible Word of God, given without human mixture, absolutely no imperfection but divine truth.

2) ​​The Spirit of Prophecy ---- Revelation 19:10

This is a special gift and ability that God gives to certain members of the body of Christ to receive and communicate an immediate message of God to His people through a divinely-anointed utterance.​​

The anointing of ​​ the Holy Spirit which enables men and women who do not have the gift of prophecy to operate in the Spirit. It is the atmosphere of prophecy. (1 Samuel 19:18-24 - Soul prophecies before Samuel)

​3) The Gift of Prophecy---- 1 Corinthians 14:3-29)

This gift is given to believers to edify, exhort, and comfort other believers. It is the living Fire of Pentecost; it will inflame. It is not the ministry of prophecy; it is not to foretell the future; It does not go beyond the boarders of exhortation, edification and comfort. (note that this gift is to be judged; and rejected if it does not measure up to the exhortation, edification and comfort. Audible words must be defeated by Audible words. Isaiah 54:17

4) The Office of a prophet ---- Ephesians 2:19-20; 4:11)

​​Prophets are vessels chosen by God to function in the ream of;

- the word of Knowledge;

- word of wisdom;

- discerning of Spirits;

- Confirmation of ministry;

- Revelation;

- Illumination;

- Prophetic utterances;

- Predictions;

- Visions;

- Dreams etc

Note: Not all who prophecy are prophets; some have the gift but not the office or ministry.

Realize that Prophecy is a vital part of the Church (Acts 2:16-19; 21:9; 1 Corinthians 11:5)

we prophecy according to the proportion of faith;

The Word produces Prayer;

The Word and prayer bring fourth Prophecy;

Worship releases the anointing;

Under the anointing we hear a specific word;

It is not a passing thought or Idea; It is rather a quickened burden - we speak at the right time - we wait till intense worship is passed;

Then stir up the gift.




.Prophetic Mandate 

  • ​​what is the prophetic ministry as God intends it to be? 

  • ​​Who is a prophet?

  • ​​ What do prophets do? 

  • ​​Do they have a place in our generation? If so, what?

The Lord has provided a prophetic mandate to those men and women who are called to the prophetic ministry in our time.

​​​This age is unique in the sense that it is considered “the dispensation of the fullness of the times,” or, “the last days.”

​​​The prophetic mandate today is not to keep watch over a city, but to keep watch over the Ekklesia (a “heavenly city” if you will) to ensure that the Eternal Purpose of God in Christ is fulfilled.

​​The prophetic mandate requires the prophet to be on duty, before the Lord, watching and waiting at all times: day and night, holidays and weekends, in every season, in every place, and in every condition. This is not usually possible outwardly; but inwardly, it is an indispensable necessity

A prophet must have a lifestyle hidden in prayer, fasting, and ministering to the Lord as fundamental functions of the prophetic calling that brings about a depth of relationship required of someone called to this particular role. But the prophetic person does not passively wait for anything.

​​The prophet agonizes over the condition of the world, wrestles with God, sees His Purpose, declares it to others, and rises up daily to pray, fast, and fight to ensure that the Purpose is fulfilled.

​​The prophet watches over the Ekklesia, helps it grow, keeps it from drifting off course, weeps when it does, and endeavors to set it right again.

​​The prophet discerns the spiritual enemy working behind the scenes, warns of its dangers, challenges it, and demands its submission to the preeminence of Christ.

​​The prophet observes the ebb and flow of things in the world and evaluates what impact this could have on the Ekklesia and the Purpose of God: are things moving towards God’s Purpose or away from it?

​​The prophet seeks wisdom and understanding and works in harmony with the Holy Spirit to help, encourage, strengthen, warn, and prepare the Ekklesia for what lies ahead. One need only read the Book of Daniel to find Scriptural support of the life   described above.


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The purpose of all prophetic speaking is to reveal Christ

​​– to bring Him more clearly into view. Those inspired to speak or proclaim something by the Holy Spirit should be helping to direct our attention onto Christ and away from everything that distracts us.

​​​The prophetic voice should rise up like a trumpet to bring clarity and direction out of confusion and misunderstanding. It is not just truth stated in an inspirational way, it is the truth concerning Jesus as revealed by the Holy Spirit who truly knows Christ and can lead His bride to Him.

Scripture acknowledges that while everything is technically under the feet of Christ today (since Jesus is Lord), the fact remains that “we do not yet see all things put under Him” (Heb. 2:8). The word yet indicates that one day we will see all things put under Him. In the meantime, most of us just wait for the fulfillment of that Eternal Purpose.​​​

Therefore, part of the responsibility of the prophetic ministry is to safeguard and uphold the Testimony of Jesus in the Earth. As directed by God we are obligated to give some sobering warnings of what we can expect in days to come, as well as some positive steps we can take right now to better prepare God’s people for spiritual conflict in these Last Days.

​​Our ministry is dedicated to the restoration and encouragement of the Christ-centered, Spirit-led prophetic calling to ensure that the next generation will still have a pure testimony of the truth concerning Him.


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