.Who is Prophet Adrian?

Prophet Adrian Ddungu is the leader of Supernatural Kingdom Ministries. On the 12th Day of July 2012, Adrian received a vision from God revealing that he had been called into the prophetic Office. At this point in time, Adrian received this Good News with reservations but was greatly encouraged to take on the challenge by other ministers of God. God also continued to speak to him in dreams and Prophetic confirmations.

Prophet Adrian Ddungu was born in Uganda - East Africa. His ministry is typically under the Prophetic mantle although he was nurtured under the Pentecostal and Apostolic backgrounds. He is a highly anointed/Spirit filled young man with a bosom relationship with the Holy Spirit. He is highly motivated by a prayer life and greatly favored by the Lord.

​His major purpose is to anoint God’s chosen people to do the work of Ministry. This is done through direct impartation of the Holy Spirit power, anointing and prophetic decrees and declarations.

​God also called him to create awareness on the role, ministry and work of the Holy Spirit in the Body of Christ. For this is the era of the Holy Spirit, therefore without His Presence whatever is done becomes dead. The ministry of the Holy Spirit comes forth with Power and thus He manifests Himself through demonstration of power in form of Miracles, signs and wonders. Ultimately we are a supernatural Ministry.

Adrian was Chosen by God as a Remnant to go behind the veil to travail for the Kingdom of God. He is a Prophet to the Nations and a Teacher to God's people.
He is entrusted with the Prophetic Ministry of "Laying on Hands" to co-labor with the Holy Ghost to mend the broken (healing) to Activate the spiritual gifts in the Saint's preparing them for the ministry (Prophetic Presbytery) Imparting the Anointing (Impartation). Spiritual mid-Wife (birthing ministries) Casting out demons as he co-labor with the Holy Spirit (deliverance)

He works in the realms of the spirit as a General in the army of the Lord, He believes that His Boss and Commander in Chief is, Christ Jesus. And that only the opinion of God is absolute. He is a Watchman, Intercessor, and Prayer Warrior.
God has extended His inner grace upon Adrian, indeed the way God is using him signifies the favor, glory and presence of God released over him to fulfill his mandate and destiny.

​God showed him a robe and said to him that when he puts it on and is in the realm of the Spirit whatever he speaks of and about will be granted. So He knows exactly who he is in Christ and the dominion, power and authority he operates in. Mathew 18:18 declares that "Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven”. So Adrian believes that he has the power and authority to open and close doors, gates, and windows in areas as He is instructed by God.

​He is remarkably a Prophetic intercessor; God has given him the grace to pray for all types of storms. Like Jeremiah he is obligated to uproot, tear down, and destroy the kingdom of darkness, to plant, bless, and build up the Kingdom of God.
He has no compromise with evil spirits, as he believes that he has been entrusted with a Mandate from God (Ezekiel 33:1-7) to teach and equip the children of God how to maintain spiritual freedom from demons. Indeed there's nothing that God cannot do. That is why he operates in the supernatural.

​This is what He often says;-

The Church must understand that we cannot preach Christ being alive without demonstrating His presence and power that is operational among us through His Spirit. God’s people cannot be enjoying life eternal or abundant life while they continue to live in sickness, disease, poverty, demon possession and a like. Christ did not only save souls but also demonstrated His power through the many miracles, signs and wonders He performed among people. God by His divine nature is a Supernatural God and if He created us in His image and called us to be like Him, then we are extraordinary being too. This Ministry hates religion and through the power of the Holy Spirit we curse out the religious Spirit that has dominated the church of Christ and we declare and release the supernatural transformation freedom of the Spirit of Christ to take root over the body of Christ.

This is majorly the mandate of this ministry. God has called us through the divine person of the Holy Spirit to bring the heavenly kingdom, power and glory on earth. We are to rely, and demonstrate the supernatural power of God in order to enjoy the abundant life Christ came to bring. We are obligated to teach, train and equip the saints for the supernatural power of God. In all we do in this ministry we totally depend on the inspiration, guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit. We must understand that;-

1) We are a supernatural Church -from the day of Pentecostwhen the Church begun

2) The God given mission of evangelism, discipleship, teaching, training, affirming and sending out, flows from the supernatural.
Why does God want us to walk in the supernatural?

a) It is because God wants us to walk victoriously on this earth here and now. We were not designed by God to live on our intellectual effort or walk in our own human abilities. We were designed by God to walk in, by and through the power of God.

b) Whatever we do without the power of God becomes dead work. It becomes a work of the fresh and God judges that which is of the flesh. Even worship must be in the Spirit of God.

c) To prepare us to live in eternity, here and now. It is in God’s desire that we live heaven on earth now.

d) To lead us to have an experience and encounter with the power of God. Theology is important but it is not enough to have a theology or knowledge only.

e) Whenever we have an encounter in any area with the Supernatural power of God, we become chosen vessels to carry His power to bless, to heal, to deliver, to prophesy, to demonstrate it, to others.

f) God wants to prepare His people for what is coming on this earth. In the middle of challenges and crisis of any kind God’s people should never be moved but rather trust and depend on the power and glory of God to sustain them.

​This ministry will do the best to prepare this generation and generations to come how to depend on supernatural power of God and the Holy Spirit for sustenance. To trust in God, worship and serve Him no matter the circumstances and situations prevailing around you. In case of financial lack a Christian must be prepared to believe God for a supernatural providence. In case of a sickness or disease you are prepared to fight it supernaturally, decree, declare and prophesy that Jesus is alive.

Adrian is getting married soon; He possesses a Christian Workers Certificate, Certificate in Ministerial Studies, Diploma in Ministry, Diploma in Theology, Degree in International Business, Master’s Degree in International-Trade Policy, and currently in pursuit of doctors in Ministry programme.

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